Dyeing & Printing Silk
The B.C. Corporation began as a hand screen printer and its production capacities have been expanded to include digital printing with the construction of a brand new digital printing facility. We also offer dye-to-match piece-dyeing and a selection of yarn-dyed fabrications.

Hand Screen Printing
B.C. Corporation specializes in high end hand silk screen printed fabric for neckties, scarves, and garments. Our manufacturing expertise allows us to work with high end ready-to-wear designers and brands thanks to exceptional quality we offer.

Digital Textile Printing
Digital textile printing uses inkjet technology to print images directly onto fabric from a computer file foregoing the engraving and screen-making processes required in traditional screen printing and without the color limitations of screen printing. B.C. Corporation’s digital printing facility incorporates the most current advances in the field combining Italian textile machinery engineering, Japanese inkjet technology, Swiss color management software, and American dye formulation chemistry. Still, any digital facility would be incomplete without a thorough knowledge of analog coloration. Our decades-long experience in analog fabric manufacture, treatment, and coloration allows us to integrate digital inkjet printing technologies seamlessly into the production chain.
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